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Please note that at this time this entity is not linked up directly with any current lawyer. If you give us a call we can link you up with the right individual to handle your case. The content below was developed out of our previous relationships with some of the best attorneys in San Diego.

At the San Diego Injury Law Office we do not take on cases that we cannot win. We are here for you immediately when you first call us. We begin the process the moment you contact us over the phone. The best decision you will ever make is contacting us as soon as you did.

San Diego CA Injury Attorney

Here at the San Diego Injury Law Office we are often contacted during the worst points in someone’s life. We understand and know the best way to approach these difficult times in your life. Being Injured by another person is a confusing and frustrating ordeal. It is important to hire an experienced firm that understands how to navigate through the legal system to help remedy the current situation you are dealing with. You have to deal with pain management, medical bills and loss of work while trying to sort out how to get compensation through the courts. Let us jump through the legal hurdles and sort out the legal jargon that has already made your life a living nightmare. We work with insurance companies every singe day and how the resources to take on the most serious types of injury cases. We do not earn a penny on your case until we obtain the just compensation that you deserve. At the San Diego Injury Law Office we stand up for you during the most traumatic times of your life.  

We are here for you immediately when you first call us. We begin the process the moment you contact us over the phone. The best decision you will ever make is contacting us as soon as you did. It is important that as soon as the injury occurs that we are able to assess the case immediately. In order to preserve the integrity of the case and obtain the most desirable outcome depends on the timing of everything.

Our first step is to get all the information from you as to what happened. Details are the most important and preserving any evidence right away. This means obtaining police reports, witness lists, having our investigator observe the scene of the incident, etc. At the San Diego Injury Law Office we do not take on cases that we cannot win. It is very important we utilize all of our resources in order to make sure that we have a better case than the person and the insurance company that harmed you. Here is some important information that you will need to know when we initially meet to discuss your case:

Initial Client Interview

What You Will Need To Bring To Our First Meeting

  • We will need the contact information for all parties and witnesses involved in your personal injury claim
  • We will ask for copies of any written statements that you may have provided law enforcement or that have been provided to you by the other party
  • We will request police or accident reports of the incident and any hospital reports or medical records of the injury you sustained
  • We will need to see any videos or photographs that you may have of the scene of the accident, the people, and the objects that were involved in the accident
  • We will ask for the insurance and policy information from all parties involved in the accident

What You Will Obtain From Our First Meeting

  • We will provide a free confidential consultation to discuss your personal injury case free of charge
  • We will thoroughly review the facts of your claim to help you make an informed decision whether or not to pursue your personal injury claim
  • We will offer our approach to your case, setting realistic goals and maintaining open communication at all time
  • Upon retaining our personal injury firm, your interests will become our own for purposes of litigation
  • We work on a contingency fee basis which means that we will not get paid until and unless you win
  • We will launch a complete investigation into your personal injury claim to obtain tangible evidence
  • We will reach out to our network of experts to make determinations on the value of your claim

The most important step in handling an Injury Case will be the initial communication you have with one of our lawyers at the San Diego Injury Law Office.

Often times people do not know what it is like for an attorney to decide on what case to take when they receive an initial call from a potential client. We have provided an outline of what is important for both an attorney and client to know before taking on a personal injury case in San Diego.

The first step is to decide whether this is a case that we may ethically and legally accept.

Understanding the importance of an attorney’s ethical obligations is something all parties must consider in moving forward with a case. This idea is paramount to the overall representation of a client. There is always a duty to the client in order to provide effective counsel, but there is an ethical obligation the attorney owes to the profession. If this is overlooked, the attorney and client could be facing serious consequences in the form of sanctions and state bar violations. An attorney should never file a frivolous lawsuit to waste the court’s time. This is based on the determination of the parties involved in finding accurate information to hang their hat on for purposes of filing suit on behalf of the claimant.

There needs to be trust and confidence between both the attorney and client

When an attorney takes on a case they must be able to trust the client just as the client must trust the lawyer he or she chooses to hire for the job. The relationship should not be based on impressing one another but rather how confident the parties can communicate with one another without any restraint. Even the slightest detail may be important in your case if overlooked. The consultation should enable the attorney to make a preliminary assessment as to the credibility of facts and ultimately make a decision to accept or reject the case. In our personal injury firm in San Diego, we will launch a competent investigation and begin formulating a lawsuit as soon as the consultation takes place.

A lot of the contact with clients is typically over the phone

It is important to tell the lawyer details about your case that will help them in the investigation process especially in finding all culpable parties to attach to the complaint. Often times this will include insurances companies and third parties that are not necessary the individual who caused the negligence or harm. Also, time constraints in filing a lawsuit is one of the most important aspects of any personal injury case. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, then you may be barred from filing a lawsuit. Typically it is a two-year statute of limitations but there are some cases where suit must be filed within six months from the date of the incident. It may be difficult to meet with clients due to physical constraints based on injuries. Our law firm will meet clients at anytime and anywhere to make them feel most comfortable. These meetings often occur in hospitals and bedside at the homes of the clients.

We will negotiate all the medical bills and other expenses on your behalf once you receive a settlement in your Injury Case. The most common part of an Injury case will be negotiating down the Medical Liens.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

If you or a loved one have been injured by a third party, the first and most important thing that you need to do is undergo a medical evaluation to assess the extent of your injury. At the San Diego Injury Law Firm, we realize that you have just survived a traumatic experience that has left you in both physical and emotional pain; our number one concern is your well-being, that is why we strongly encourage you to seek the medical attention that you deserve regardless of your insurance, financial, or legal status. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, do not be afraid to request the emergency medical attention that you need from the first responders. Understandably, a lot of times personal injury victims fear the overwhelming medical costs associated with being transported in an ambulance to the hospital to treat their injury in the emergency room. You cannot allow your financial fears to risk your health, serious injuries may be difficult to diagnose and if not promptly treated may be life threatening. If your injuries are not too severe and you can afford to wait to see the primary physician covered by your health insurance policy to diagnose your injury, then we advise that you make this appointment as soon as possible following the accident. The timing for seeking medical attention is crucial to determine the extent of your injury in order avoid health complications and to ensure that we can connect your injury to the accident when negotiating your personal injury claim. If your injuries are minor and you do not have health insurance, you can avoid overwhelming medical expenses by seeking treatment at an urgent care center, these facilities provide general medical services at reduced costs. Regardless of your chosen approach to obtain medical treatment, the reality is that the road to recovery following a third-party accident is a long one, faced with physical pain, emotional stress and financial uncertainty. That is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney that you can trust to make your well-being their number one priority by bringing you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you will need to get better. At the San Diego Injury Law Office, we are here to ensure that you receive all of the necessary medical attention that your injuries require without being overwhelmed by the substantial expenses that seeking medical treatment costs. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys specialize in negotiating medical liens on behalf of our victims so that you do not have to face the financial implications of a third-party accident alone!

Understanding Medical Liens in San Diego

At the San Diego Injury Law Office, we know that winning a personal injury settlement against the third party responsible for your injury is only half of the battle in a personal injury claim, the other half requires settling the medical liens that have attached to your claim. A medical lien is the financial interest that a health care provider has a right to assert in a personal injury claim against any final judgment or settlement obtained by the personal injury victim from the third-party responsible for causing the accident. Specifically, it is the right to demand reimbursement from the proceeds of the personal injury settlement agreement for the services provided to the personal injury victim connected to the accident. In other words, if you have been injured by a third-party and received medical treatment for your injuries, you will be required to use the proceeds from your settlement with the third-party to pay the medical provider. Negotiating medical liens with healthcare providers and their agents is our specialty. A healthcare provider can be any doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, hospital, x-ray facility or any type of clinic that provides medical services to a personal injury victim. When you seek medical treatment for injuries resulting from an accident, the medical provider’s office will require that you fill out forms listing the cause of your injuries, identifying the third-party responsible and provide any insurance information that may be used to cover the medical services you will receive. If you do not have any health insurance or insufficient coverage for the medical treatment and require medical attention, the health care provider will require you to sign a contractual lien in order to provide medical attention. On the one hand, medical treatment on a contractual lien basis helps personal injury victims by allowing them to obtain the medical treatment that their injuries require and that they could not otherwise afford. On the other hand, medical contractual liens allow health insurance companies and medical providers to assert a claim against the proceeds of your personal injury settlement, reducing significantly the amount of your overall recovery. That is why it is crucial that you communicate with our attorneys from the onset what the extent of your injuries are, what type of medical provider has treated your injuries, what medical treatment you received, what medical expenses you have incurred and are there any outstanding bills to determine the value of your personal injury claim. In order to account for any potential medical liens that may exist in your case, our legal experts will review documentation for your health insurance policy, medical expenses, payment of medical bills, and any collection notices that you may have received in connection to the medical services that you obtained.

Negotiating Medical Liens

To obtain the most recovery from a third-party settlement in a personal injury claim it is imperative that you retain a knowledgeable personal injury attorney that has vast experience handling negotiations with medical lien claimants. At the San Diego Injury Law Office our skilled negotiators know that medical providers will oftentimes try to take advantage of personal injury victims by over-billing them that is why we begin negotiations by requesting itemized billing. By reviewing the medical provider’s billing records we are able to reduce the lien amount and avoid double charges that may occur. Most importantly we can limit the amount that the medical providers can recover based on the settlement in your injury case.

At the San Diego Injury Law Office, our skilled negotiators know that to protect personal injury victims from over paying medical liens the California Civil Code section 3040 established a cap to reduce medical liens. Pursuant to California Civil Code section 3040(c)(2) if you are you are being represented by an attorney then the medical lien claim against you cannot exceed one-third of the net recovery obtained from a personal injury claim. In other words, the amount that is subject to a lien will be reduced if you retain a personal injury attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

Obtaining the Best Legal Representation For Your Personal Injury Claim

At the San Diego Injury Law Office, we understand that after a third-party accident you do not have time or money to waste, our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to provide a free legal consultation to evaluate your case. It is important to point out that this consultation may take place in person at our office or over the phone. In order to better assist you, before we schedule the consultation, we advise you to gather as much information as possible pertaining to the accident, the third-party responsible for the accident, documentation of your injuries, your medical diagnosis and prognosis, records of medical bills and treatment received, along with a list of expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident. Our personal injury experts will review all of this documentation to determine the liability of the third-party, assess your injuries, analyze the extent of your pain and suffering, and calculate the expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident. After thoroughly reviewing your personal injury claim at no cost, we will provide you with our findings and discuss with you the merits of your claim. Do not waste precious time, call us now at (619) 343-2992 to set up your free consultation with one of our personal injury experts today.

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